Monday, April 25, 2011

A few things today health related. I may start a fitness blog, be on the lookout for that soon.


I stopped taking St. John's Wort (an over the counter herbal remedy for depression). It DEFINITELY elevated my mood, but too much so it seemed.

I read somewhere that being depressed and anxious has an evolutionary advantatege: it makes you think more analytically.

I definitely wasn't as worried about tests, studying, work, my future, my type A perfectionist headstrong OCD habits definitely fell by the wayside. The funny thing is is that I missed feeling like that. So I have stopped taking it.

I'll take feeling crappy randomly for a day or two over feeling stupid (I felt stupid on this stuff), would never try an SSRI


going to try to drink a raw egg

Read somewhere about some guy who would drink 28 a day...

Definitely need to try...

Put one in a cup today, but I was hungover, would've puked... psyched myself out

But I will do it

Monday, April 18, 2011

Summer is almost here. Took a trip this weekend to Vanderbilt. Partied hard, heard some great music, really had a great time which is what I needed. Most depressing Monday I've had in a while. Oh well. Summer is almost here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coffee. If you don't drink coffee you are missing out. I have been an avid coffee connoisseur since I was like 13. I woke up today and decided to skip my morning coffee and had caffeine headaches the entire day it was terrible.

If you hate boiling an entire pot of coffee, I highly suggest you get a Keurig coffee maker. I have previously told you all this, but I just want to say it again.

NOW in terms of what you put in the coffee....

Black coffee is the holy grail of hardcore coffee drinking. It is manliness in a cup.

But if you aren't like my dad who can pound back Scotch on the rocks without blinking, you may need to lighten it up a bit.

 SUGAR IN THE RAW is the best sugar there is, hands down. DO NOT put in any artificial sweetener. Stevia, Nutrasweet, Sweet & Low, my least favorite.. SPLENDA all taste fake, and are very "thin". Real sugar adds a bit of syrup-iness to it, you can feel it and taste it. About one half packet of sugar in the raw per 16oz cup.

Now for creamer... some use whole milk, some use skim milk, some use half and half. HALF AND HALF is the best to use, it is delicious, and really complements the coffee with its thick liquidy body. Whole milk is the next best alternative, and of course skim milk I only use when in a bind and my fridge is empty.

Organic half-and-half is amazing (organic milk is amazing as well for your milk drinking cravings)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Anybody else get angry when somebody asks if they need help with something?

I don't think women realize why men react when they ask if they need help

I'm sure there is some memory of your father doing some project like moving furniture or fixing a lighting fixture and your mother comes in "Sweetie do you need any help?"

"...No! just just .... I don't need your help just go away"

We don't hear "do you need help?" we hear "I don't think you can do this by yourself, you should probably give up, you can't do it, you are weak"
When men are asked "do you need help?" it is insulting to us. It is perhaps the most emasculating sentence a man can hear.

And even though the question has all the good intention in the world, that is how we interpret it.

Men are independent creatures. Not independent where we don't like interacting with people, but independent when it comes to doing jobs. Evolutionarily this makes sense. Women were the nurturers, men were the providers. Sure the family wouldn't survive without the woman breastfeeding the children and giving them constant affection. But the role for the man was to provide food, provide shelter, teach skills to pass on to his children so they could survive.

This is where men's sense of intrinsic gratification comes from... a job well done.

Women don't understand men fixing up an old Mustang, power-washing a deck, grilling steaks for the family....

It is programmed in to us to get a sense of accomplishment and worth from simply doing things by ourselves

It proves our worth as a man

So women, next time you see your man struggling with something.... just let him be

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So I am addicted to coffee... I highly suggest you invest in one of these

It is much easier than boiling a gallon of coffee every morning only to drink 8 cups of it

OK and so today I was walking down the hallway of the hospital and there was the worst dressed doctor I had ever seen, maybe still a student.

But let me broadcast this to the world... THESE SHIRTS

Are only to be worn WITH A SUIT



So just so we are clear: contrast collar and cuffs (otherwise known as a Banker's collar) MUST be worn with a tie and a suit.... a white coat does not count. And the shirt better look good. Nobody respects somebody who dresses like an idiot in a professional setting.

A masterpiece of a song, let's be real. If you don't like this song, or are too young to remember it, fuck you

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

for my girlfriend
I  could never pull off a tattoo, seriously. Most people don't do them tastefully, but when they are done artistically they are amazing, and on a girl so incredibly sexy.

Random fact: the word tattoo and taboo come from the same root. In aboriginal culture, when a member of the tribe got a new tattoo they were outcast from the tribe for a short period of time until it healed and became permanent; until that time they were "taboo"... or exiled from the tribe only to return in a handful of days.

A man is an island

Welcome to my blog... I like to think of myself as a multi-dimensional person and plan on expressing that through my blog: music, arts, fitness, news, clothes, science... anything I find interesting I am going to post here. No themes, just things I find interesting and noteworthy and will post here. Thanks for following, I'm sure you will enjoy it.